Artpaw says Bow Wow Baby!

You know how I love animal art...I found the most adorable little bookmarks from Artpaw and ordered a slew of them for gifts. They are top notch and dirt cheap for such fun little gifts! This print here is an 8 x 10" of Georgia and Pudge. I know someone who would love it! Here's the skinny on Artpaw, straight from their website: "The humans in charge at are Dan and Rebecca Collins. Art Paw has been around since 1998. The business was the very first of its kind on the web and continues to offer the largest contemporary Art Gallery for hip and cool urban animals. Both Dan and Rebecca have a lifelong passion for Art and Animals. Art Paw allows them to join these two passions along with their ongoing affair with their Macintosh." Check out their website here or their Etsy shop here.

Random thoughts: Had a couple days off yesterday and today so I've been reorganizing my workshop and hanging out with Isabelle...and apparently not keeping close enough eye on her. So what happens when a puppy eats a big yellow crayon? Hmmm...I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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