Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beth Gumnick: Supporting Etsy for Animals!

Isn’t this the cutest? And so true…..dogs do laugh with their tales, and ya’ll know I’m a sucker for animal art! Drama teacher by day, artist by night, Etsy for Artist team member Beth Gumnick creates fun art on recycled wood. Here’s what she says, “I paint mostly on wood scrap that is always coming my way, the left-overs of "shop class" at the school where I teach during the day, the torn down sets of the plays at the local theater, old windows and doors and other home improvement project "trash," and various other cast-offs that would end up in the dumpster under other circumstances. I like saving stuff that other folks throw away and giving it new life instead of it going to the dump!” More power to you, Beth! Visit Beth’s store here, and see lots of other fun stuff benefitting our furry and feathered friends in the Etsy for Animals store over there in the right column.

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1 comment:

mvegan said...

So wonderful! I love her work and kindness to animals! ;0) Yay EFA! Michele, mvegan5