Last Day of Second Grade!

Last Day 2nd Girls and Teachers
With their teachers, Mrs. H and Mrs. G
The day the girls have been counting down to has finally arrived: today is their last day of 2nd grade. These first and last days are also those bittersweet kinds. They are a reminder that our kids are growing up into wonderful people...and they are a reminder that our kids are growing up way too fast!

Last Day 2nd Girls and Coach P
With Coach P
I remember when my girls were just little tiny things that could easily fit in the crooks of my arms, and I had no trouble carrying them both around at the same time. Now it's getting harder and harder to carry just one! They are getting so tall! We have a growth chart in the playroom downstairs, and they've both grown two inches since the first of the year. Now it's time for Summer Camp! Wish I could go to Summer Camp... :-)


Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Kelly! Truly a double accomplishment: 2nd grade finished? How are you taking all this....they are growing up so fast.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. You're a treasure & kindred soul.

cath c said...

wow, seems like they were just in kindergarten! have we really 'known' each other that long?

Kelly Warren said...

Gina, how am I taking it? I truly can't believe how quickly they grow up. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. I miss them being babies but they are becoming such sweet little ladies. Most of the time, anyways... ;-)

You'll soon know what that feels like yourself once your little man arrives!

And Cath, you are so right. We have "known" each other that long!