Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Day 13

Day 13

Happy Thursday! So here for you is the true testament of just exactly how far behind I am in posting these Fun Journal pages. I created this page the day the girls created their Christmas presents for their Granddad and Papa (so, um....that means they were done December 2010!). You can see them here. I just did the same process in my journal as they did on their canvases. Interesting to see the difference in our hand sizes! Their canvases was 4” x 4”, and their little hands barely. My sketchbook open is about 8” x 11” and my hand barely fits! I’m a tall girl (5’10”) with long skinny fingers. This was fun to do. We love to get messy, and painting your hands is the ultimate in mess making! We used basic Apple Barrel craft paints from Michaels and some letter and number stencils. The light brown smudgy paint on my wrist was due to my lack of patience. I had closed the book while the 13 was still wet and it imprinted over to the other page, so I tried to doctor it up a bit!


Kerri said...

i would never know there was any problem with the 13, so i guess your doctored it well!

ana said...

i think it is lovely, might be one of my favorites you've shared. :)