Best Shot Monday: Meet Coco, Come to the Mega Adoption Event!


Meet Coco!  She's currently in foster waiting for her forever home.  Doesn't she have the most inquisitive face?  She's a good example of the many adorable dogs available at your local animal shelter.  Contrary to popular belief, shelters are filled with far more varieties of dogs than just Pit mixes.  And, for the record (again), Pits and Pit mixes can be incredibly sweet, loving family dogs.  Remember it's not the dog that's inherently aggressive; it's a bad human that trains him to be that way.

This weekend, First Coast No More Homeless PetsAnimal Care and Protective Services (the agency I photograph for), Jacksonville Humane Society and dozens of other rescue organizations are joining together for another mega adoption event at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. The past two events like this we've done have found homes for nearly 1,000 animals each time.  Coco will be there along with more than 1,000 other dogs and cats. As for our current fosters Jonathan and Josie, Benny has decided on a course of action.  Each foster family can create one flyer to go on the crate of their fosters.  Benny's decided that our flyer should include "We must be adopted as a pair or our foster family is going to adopt us."  Ha!  You see who finally got too attached!  Olivia is still undecided on that course of action.  She, too, is very attached to these two (as we all are), but she knows that if we keep them, we won't be able to foster kittens anymore. And this little foster Mama really wants to continue fostering kittens.  So I guess time will tell. By next Monday, we'll either have wished Jonathan and Josie "Happy Life!" with their new family, or Isabelle, Molly, Savannah and Tink will have two more siblings. 

If you haven't already, please read last week's Best Shot Monday and help me help a friend.

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