The Moments: Day 15

My addiction.  I moved them from under my desk to a jar across the room to protect me from myself.  #bitohoney #candyaddiction #themomentschallenge

Do you have a candy addiction? This is mine: Bit O Honeys. Old school, huh? I recently posted on Facebook that I ran out of Bit O Honeys, and soon my mailbox was full of Bit O Honey deliveries. I felt the love! I had them in a bag under my desk for a while, but I soon realized that simply was not a very good idea. They could not be that easily accessible! So I put them in a lidded jar and moved them across the room. Much safer that way.

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Quiltin' Mama said...

Just right kind of malted milk balls - bought some tonight- only 2 places I know to get them . . . . or Spanish peanuts are weaknesses for me! I have to hide them to forget about them or I can finish them all.