The Moments: Day 21, A Little Guitar...

Guitar lessons this evening ... #guitar #music #themomentschallenge

I've been taking guitar lessons for nearly 10 years now. My guitar teacher and I have come to calling my weekly lesson my "once a week supervised practice" because rarely I pick up my guitar unless it's Monday evening. Part of this is just simply lack of time. There's just so much going on once I'm home that it's hard to find time to sit down and play. Another part of this is that I've always had terrible stage fright! Honestly! I've played paino since I was a kid and when I get warmed up, I'm still pretty good, but I rarely play for anyone. My husband has learned that if he sneaks up on me playing, he has to sit in the stairwell and listen so that I don't know he's there. Is that crazy? So since I'm not even anywhere close to being as confident in my guitar skills as I am on piano, my guitar teaching is really the only one who hears me play. I know I need to get better about that. I'm currently rockin' out, learning Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive. That opening lick isn't as hard as it sounds once you slow it down ... way down! And I do believe Jon Bon Jovi has gotten far better looking with age. :-)

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