The December Journal, 1-5

December Journal 1
Day 1
In December, I took Dawn Sokol's December mini journaling class. Basically I got a prompt a day every day in December sent to my inbox along with a little video. I hear you now, "Ha! There's no way Kelly kept up with a prompt a day!" And you would be correct! However, I did save all the emails and by the end of January, I'll have it finished! :-) Day 1, above, I think I actually did on Day 1!

December Journal 2
Day 2
  Day 2 prompt was to use pens and pencils.

December Journal 3
Day 3

Day 3 prompt was hanging ornaments. Yes, I interpreted these prompts loosely. :-)

December Journal 4
Day 4
Day 4 prompt was to use sparkle.

December Journal 5
Day 5
And Day 5 prompt was to use paint. I'll scan more soon! See more of the December Journal here.

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