The December Journal, 6-9

Can you tell I'm juggling 18 projects rights now?  :-)  Still working on finishing up and scanning all my December journal pages.  Hopefully by the end of March, I'll finish!

December Journal 6

Challenge 6 (above) was to use stencils. That was an easy one for me. I love stencils!

December Journal 7

Challenge 7 (above) was to create a variety of ornaments.

December Journal 8

Challenge 8 (above) was to use or draw what's in front of you. I grabbed the heart stencil and Aimee's doodle card about kindness.

December Journal 9

Challenge 9 (above) was to depict who you would be spending the holidays with, so I have letter ornaments for each of the humans and pets in our house.  More to come!  See more December Journal here.   

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Melody said...

Have you done any post of the art and craft supplies that you use? Your journals always seem to have such vivid colors and a lot of detail.