Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Call to Art: Bring Back Our Girls!

A Call to Art Auction Flyer

I'm sure you've been reading about the nearly 300 Nigerian school girls abducted by a radical group that believes that girls should not dare to dream about becoming anything by wives and mothers. To date, they still have not been found. I don't know about you, but I certainly want more than that for myself and my girls.  Now, artists from around the world are coming together to raise funds for just one of the many organizations that help girls like these. Jessica Sporn has put together an online auction for Girl Rising to support the effort to "bring back our girls." Visit the auction here and bid on one or two of the many items donated. I donated a matted and signed copy of the photo below, which I've remained Hope for these girls. Below my photo are a list of the artists currently participating. Be sure to visit the auction site here!


Jessica Sporn: 

Linda Kittmer:

Ronda Palazzari:

Marjie Kemper:

Judy Shea:

Glenda Hoagland:

Astrid Maclean:

Lisa Pace: 

Jackie Neal:

Claudine Criner:

France Papillon:

Kristin Van Valkenburgh:

Marcia Beckett:

Ruth Levy:

Sally Lynn MacDonald:

Renee Zarate:

Natasha May:

Carmen Whitehead:

Seth Apter:

Marybeth Shaw:

Amy Ingardia-Walker:

Kelly Warren:

Julie Bernier:

Adrienne Hoban:

Krista van Tol:

Cheryl Grigsby:

Jill Meyer:

Lisa Flaherty:

Kerry C. Mitchell:

Lizabeth Harrington:

Barbara Lanza:

Jamie Dougherty:

Doreen Kassel:

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JackieP Neal said...

What a gorgeous Photo! Such a beautiful piece to have donated to the auction!! The bids are rolling in!