Best Shot Monday: Friends and Strangers Project, Nikki

Nikki Harris 
Meet Nikki Harris, my most recent lunch date! Nikki is the Division Chief of Animal Care and Protective Services. We met when I started volunteering at the shelter photographing the animals more than two years ago now. Nikki was the shelter manager at that time and has always worked very closely with Friends of Jacksonville Animals. Nikki's been instrumental in working with our area animal rescue groups, including Jacksonville Humane Society and First Coast No More Homeless Pets, working hard to make Jacksonville a no-kill city. Last fall, these efforts landed Jacksonville the national Best Friends Animal Society National Conference!  And Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services has been named the most outstanding shelter in Florida three years running.  Under Nikki's leadership, I feel strongly that recognition will continue and we'll move closer and closer to the no-kill goal.

This weekend is our next Mega Adoption Event at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. North Florida area rescues and shelters will be banding together to find new homes for as many animals as possible. Our last Mega event found homes for 908 animals.  Here's to topping 1,000 this weekend!  The event is this Friday-Sunday, July 18-20, 10am-6pm, at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. But you don't have to wait until Friday!  Animal Care and Protective Services is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, at 2020 Forest Street, Jacksonville, in the Riverside area.

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