The Documented Life: Week 32

Week 32-1

Week 32's challenge for The Documented Life Project was to incorporate a fortune from a fortune cookie.  Well, guess what!  I don't eat Asian food, so I don't have any fortune cookie fortunes!  And I soon came to learn that you can't just go down to Publix and buy a box.  So I did the next best thing:  I Googled "fortune cookie fortune" and up popped a site that will give you a fortune.  I thought the one I got was perfect!  "You have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life." 

Week 32-2

I started out with some randomly painted newsprint for the background and then added the fortune in a variety of letter stickers.  I'm slowly working through my sticker stash during this project (but Lord help me, my stash is now completely void of a's and e's...)  The big event that week was 6th grade orientation, which frankly wasn't much of an orientation.  We stood in several long lines to do nothing more than pick up books, get IDs and pick up schedules.  Thankfully the Open House last week was just a tad more informative, though truly just a tad as we had only eight minutes, as a class, with each teacher.  No time for one-on-one's there.  But I digress...

Week 32-4

I added in some date numbers cut from an old calendar, added some rhinestone bling for a little extra sparkle, included the Bliss sticker, added a quote from a vellum quote stack to the front of the tip in and called it done.  We're on to Week 38 this week, and by golly, I've actually been keeping up, so I'll share more later this week. Looking forward to seeing what the Art to the 5th gals have planned for next year.  See more Documented Life posts here.  
Week 32-3


Lizzi said...

I could eat my weight in chinese food :-) Unfortunately white rice is on my don't list...sooooo yeah. Love this page with the fortune though! So colorful!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for stopping in, Lizzi!