The Documented Life Project: Week 39

Week 39-1

Welcome to Week 39 of the Documented Life Project!  Week 39's challenge was to add splatters and drips.  I used a combination of india inks and spray inks. 

Week 39-2

The inside spread features two cards from artist Chet Phillips. I used them to cover up a mess I had made trying something else. I got mud!  I have two sets of Chet's cards, one for Artistic Pets and one for Literary Pets. They are so fun.  The white cut out across the top is actually the backing from a sticker that I ran through my Xyron. :-)

Week 39-3

The flowers near the bottom half of the tip-in are from some happy mail I received.  Wish I could remember who it was from!  

Week 39-4

The highlights this week were my getting the phone call for an interview for a job I had applied for (yes, I got the job...more on than with the next DLP post!) and our Campus Awareness Day.  Campus Awareness Day includes Club Day, a Volunteer Fair, and a tradition I brought with me from my own college days, our Student/Admin Ice Cream Social.  The administration scoops the ice cream and the students get to enjoy it! It's really a fun afternoon for all. We also had our first TEDxFSCJ that Saturday.

Week 39-5

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Heartsyl said...

Thank you for sharing! Such inspiring work! Isn't it grand when your work makes others happy? You left me smiling!! Thank you!!!!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for stopping in Sylvia! I'm glad I left you smiling!