The Documented Life Project: Week 45

Week 45-1

Week 45's challenge was to add a tab to your page, and it was a special treat because I was able to incorporate something from Lorraine Bell, one of Art 5!  Lorraine had posted a question in our Facebook group -- I can't even remember what the question was now! -- and then selected one lucky person to receive a little surprise from her.  I was that lucky person!  And what I received from her was a beautiful tag!

Week 45-3

I received my package the week the challenge posted and automatically my brain switched "add a tab" to "add a tag." Truly I thought I had the best luck!  That week's challenge was to add a tag, and I just received this beautiful tag from Lorraine!  Once I had completed my page and went to check the challenge for the next week, I saw that Week 45 was, in fact, TAB, not TAG!  So I added one cute little pink tab on the inside spread. Blonde brain. :-)

Week 45-4

On the inside spread, I glued in some painted deli underpapers and a "Go With the Flow" that Olivia came across in a magazine and cut out for me to put in my journal.  

Week 45-5

This week's highlights included a nice going away gathering that my staff and students put together for me. They invited the entire campus and a few friends from other campuses, so it was fun to be able to see everyone. One of my colleagues came up with a neat collage idea as a going away gift that she put together during the gathering with little somethings that everyone who came brought with them to add.  We wrapped up the week with a trip over to Tallahassee for the FSU Homecoming game.
Week 45-6

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Week 45-2

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