A Week in the Life: Sunday Gratitude

With all the traveling I've been doing lately, life's been crazy, but I thought trying to do a Sunday wrap up post, including my gratitude for the week, might be a way to record and reflect on the craziness! So here is my first "A Week in Life: Sunday Gratitude" post. This past week included a wrap up of the State Softball Tournament, the start of the State Baseball Tournament and Mother's Day. I grew up playing softball, so I really enjoyed our tournament, held at Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach. I most enjoyed seeing the camaradarie of the girls. The photo above is our team from Indian River State College enjoying a group game of hackysack between games.

From softball, I headed home for a couple days before I had to head back over the Tallahassee to process some softball payments and then hit the road again to the baseball tournament. As luck would have it, I broke down on the way to Tallahassee Wednesday, thankfully as I was pulling into a rest stop so at least I wasn't stuck on the side of the road. Definitely a little bit of gratitude for that! Luckily the tow truck didn't take too long, and I was only about 30 miles outside of Tallahassee when I broke down. The tow truck took me to a very honest mechanic, my assistant picked me up there and took me to get a rental, and then I was back in business.

Thursday took me down to Lakeland and Tiger Town for the baseball tournament.  Thursday night's banquet was interesting.  I believe this was the first time I've ever been quite so outnumbered.  Other that the two ladies helping serve the buffet, I was the only woman in a group of about 300 players and coaches.  We had a beautiful start to the tournament on Friday and then I headed home for the Mother's Day weekend.

When you travel for work as much as I do, a Saturday at home doing nothing but laundry actually feels like a luxury!  Today brought a blissful Mother's Day. We started the day bright and early at the beach and then were home by 1pm to spend the rest of the day cuddling on the couch watching movies.    That's what I was most grateful for this week: the perfect quiet Mother's Day spent with my family.  How about you?  What have you been most grateful for lately?

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