Best Shot Monday: Meet Topaz

Let me tell you about this incredible girl. Her name is Topaz. She's a red and white American Pit Bull Terrier mix, about two and a half years old. This girl may have come into the shelter as a stray, but she's either naturally brilliant (which I don't doubt!) or she's been in a home with someone who spent some time training her.

She is A --- MAY --- ZING!

First, let's talk about that smile.  I was at the shelter for about four hours for this shoot, photographing 22 dogs, and I spent at least 30 minutes with Topaz.  She was just so much fun.  I have at least 50 shots of her, and in every single one, she is smiling just like this!  Every single one.  One reason she is smiling is that she is simply that awesome and likes to show off her best side.  But another reason she is smiling is because I had tennis balls.  And this girl is one of the most amazing ball dogs I've seen in quite a while.  I'd hold up the ball, and she'd take two steps back and sit down just like this, smiling and waiting for me to throw her the ball.  Every single time.  And then I'd throw her the ball.  And she'd catch the ball.  Every single time.  Then she'd walk back over to me, drop the ball at my feet, take her two steps back, and sit down and smile again.  Then we'd repeat the process.  She never missed. She never hesitated to bring the ball back to me so I could throw it for her again.  She never stopped smiling.  Talk about one awesome dog.

She recently went out on a sleepover, but unfortunately one of the family members was allergic so they sadly had to bring her back in.  Which is good for you!  She's waiting for you to adopt her at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services, 2020 Forest St.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.  Bring her a ball!  

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