Best Shot Monday: Meet Ruby


Meet Ruby. She's currently in foster with Tallahassee's Big Dog Rescue (as their saying goes, they also rescue "dogs who think they are big). My girls fell in love with sweet little Ruby. We had a long day photographing dogs for Big Dog Rescue on Saturday, and Ruby was about in the middle of our day. This was a first for me. Though I've been photographing shelter and rescue dogs for four years now, Ruby is the first blind dog I've photographed. I've photographed several deaf dogs, but Ruby was a first in the blind category. Our challenge here was in allowing Ruby to walk around a bit in a very unfamiliar place, making sure to keep her safe and far away from the parking lot roadway. Once she started feeling comfortable, she had quite the little pep in her skippy little steps!


Ruby is estimated to be 10-12 years old, and the old gal's been through quite an ordeal. You can read her full story here on Big Dog Rescue's website. I'll admit, I'm usually a true "big dog" kind of girl. I grew up with Dachshunds, but when I met my husband and his two big Labs, I was immediately smitten with that big dog love. But sweet little Ruby won me over. Even though this was the first time she met us, she was perfectly happy to crawl up in each of our laps and sit a spell. Ruby is available for adoption through Big Dog Rescue.

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