Hide tide was mid-morning today, so the girls took the opportunity for a swim. I sat out on the dock with them, just watching the river go by and thinking about how our summer is going. Going into our move last August, we really questioned whether or not to rent out our home in Jacksonville.  We actually had something lined up with a friend, but it fell through, so we decided that was a sign. We'd make a go of it. It's been a stretch financially, but we are making ends meet. And by making ends meet, we're able to come home and enjoy our home whenever we have the opportunity.

This has been blessing. If my husband had to have a heart attack, I'm glad that it happened here, where our biggest support system is. And now that we are home for the summer, I'm so happy we did it this way. The girls are loving being home. Benny's loving being home. I'm loving being home (though I still have to travel back over to Tallahassee occasionally, it's great to be able to work remotely for the most part!) Heck, even the dogs and cats are loving being home!

So while I was sitting on the dock today watching the girls swim, the dogs lounging in the shade of the boat house, I responded to a few emails as a pod of dolphins swam by, and I said an extra thanks to the Man upstairs for allowing us the opportunity to live this life. We are blessed. We're home.

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Jane said...

It's wonderful that it's working out for you to keep your home here! Enjoy the summer "break"!