2016 Documented Life Project: March

March 1

Still catching up on posting my spreads from the 2016 Documented Life Project: The unPlanner! I'm actually keeping up in real life, so it's fun to look back at previous months to see what I've done. Above is the first spread for March. That smaller green page was a piece cut folder in half to be two sided.  I created it at Albie Smith's workshop at An Artful Journey a few years backs. Still using up what I have in my studio!

March 2

I attached these little bird tags made from my postage stamp stash to the green page using eyelets. (I love using eyelets ... I should use them more...) This week was the week of our state basketball tournaments, so I was down in Ocala for much of the week and managed to get away one night to have dinner with my dear sweet friend Vanessa, who went to Boca Grande with us this summer!

March 3

If I remember correctly, the prompt for the page on the left was "doodle flowers." As I've mentioned before, I'm not exactly following the rules for this project (do I ever?). The prompts are for the "pocket art cards" which are described to be 3" x 4". I decided to carry out the prompts on the backs of my calendar pages instead. My Dare2Be for the month was "Noticer." Being a photographer long before any other types of art, I tend to be a "noticer" by nature, noticing little things here and there others overlook. My goal for this Dare2Be was to start doing more street photography, looking for faces. Still working on that!

March 4

Back side of my Dare2Be card here. Love this quote by e.e. cummings: "It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are."

March 5

The prompt for the page on the left was "underpapers." I love using my underpapers, so this one was a cinch for me. I added the bloom outlines with a stencil and some white paint.

March 6

This week was our Spring Break! I spent a day at our Jacksonville shelter photographing the pups, we went to the 100 acre wood and the zoo and the beach and just generally chilled out. Great to be home for a week!

March 7

I can't remember what this prompt was ... I very likely didn't follow it. I've had this piece of scrap laying around for a while waiting to use it. Yes, I said scrap. This was a lucky plop. This is the negative of one of my favorite star stencils. I had used the stencil with some spray inks and then flipped it over onto a scrap of white paper to dry up the inks. When I pulled it away, this was what I was left with! This week was back in Tallahassee, wrapping up with Easter Sunday. Normally, we would have been at the lake in Keystone with Benny's family for Easter Sunday, but since we had just been home the week prior for Spring Break, we decided to stay in Tallahassee. We went to a lovely little church down the street from us that had the most amazing choir. What a treat that was that added to a beautiful service. Glad we stayed to experience that. I included the church bulletin as a reminder.

March 8

The page on the left resulted from the layering of stencils, then adding more color with gelatos followed by some pen and ink work. The background green was another page of stencil clean up like the previous star page. Love those happy accidents. The List Ten for this month was Dream Destinations. Mine included Paris, Ireland, Gaint Sequoias, Greece, Australia, Scottish Isles, Hawaii, Bali, and most importantly HOME. Deep down, I am a home body. Just love being home. That's Sarah peeking out from behind the card. Below you see the full picture of her with Livvie and their friend Alexa. They went to see their friend Jill perform in the school play production on Cinderella. Jill was Cinderella herself! This week also included Springtime Tallahassee and a weekend visit from my dad. 

March 9

And that wraps up March! Click here to see more of my 2016 Documented Life Project and click here to learn more about the project itself. Click here for my 2015 Documented Life Project posts and here for 2014. Each year is very different! Thanks for stopping in!

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