2016 Documented Life Project: September


September started the third volume of my 2016 Documented Life Project. Since we used smaller individual page binders this year, my "book" is actually three books of four months each! I'll post some photos of the whole books when I finish posting the individual months. One thing I've loved about this project is sticking in lots of every day photos like this one of Pete and Liv.


The first week's challenge was to use your favorite number, 5 in my case! I repeated not only the number but also a series of five circles. This was a simple fun page that came together quickly. The photo on the right side is Mason who was one of my September Best Shot Mondays!


The next challenge was "organic." I must have been pressed for time when I put this one together since I used a trusty magazine page as a starter. I topped that with some floral patterns with paint and pen work for the organic feel. Sweet little postcard from Mindy Lacefield on the right.  I met Mindy on one of my Artful Journey retreats, and she is such a treat!


The next challenge was "stitching." I've yet to incorporate real stitching into my journal pages (too lazy to get the sewing machine out!) but I did have this stamp that looked like stitches, so it was the perfect fit! I started with a background that I had created for another project but never used and added the "stitching" on top. That week, we celebrated our volleyball win with froyo!


The next challenge was "make your mark." I chose colored pencils! Sarah and I took a colored pencil class at Hobby Lobby, so I cut out my colored pencil flower and added it in. I love the simplicity of this page. This week ended us going to the Florida State/North Carolina game (which we lost miserably) and our Chi Omega Wish Wars for the Make a Wish Foundation.


Finishing out this month's challenges was "stripes." I really had fun with this page! The background is a magazine page from the start of an article on the Everglades, and then I cut up an old calendar page for the "stripes" and placed them all down the page. They are almost like little alligators swimming through the 'Glades. That's all for this September! 

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