2017 Documented Life Project: August


I started out August in my Documented Life with a trip up to Donna Downey Studios in North Carolina for a workshop with Pam Carriker! I've admired Pam's work for a while and have her book Art at the Speed of Life. I really liked her way of finding small pockets of time to work art-making into a very hectic schedule! I'll be sharing some of my spreads created in her workshop a little bit later!


Week two of August included the redheads third week of band camp and their first official high school performance, before high school even officially started! I also had a quick trip over to High Springs and Camp Kalaqua for our state Student Government Executive Board retreat.


Close up of the first week's art side spread above. I used molding paste through a stencil here. I learned this technique from Albie Smith in one of my Artful Journey workshops. I had forgotten how fun this was and what great texture it creates.


The third week of August brought us the official start of high school! Early days! School starts at 7:30am, so we are out of the house about 6:45am. I was able to see the ladies off that morning, but then I had to head down to Ocala for a meeting, so I missed the first day home stories in person. Made the best of it by having dinner that night with my sweet friend Vanessa.


Close up of the second week's art side spread above. I really had fun with this page.


The fourth week of August brought us the solar eclipse -- so cool! The schools closed early that day so everyone could get home and watch safely. It also brought us the girls first high school football game and marching band performance! Three hours away on a work/school night so we didn't see that one in person, but they had a blast.


Close up of the third week's art side spread above. This page quickly came together from things I had on my work table. I started with a magazine page, topped in places with some tissue paper that came in my Brave Girl box that had just arrived. I added some deli paper I had been using as under paper, grabbed a stencil and paint that were sitting nearby and then some washi tape and a bit more of the tissue paper, cutting out the words. Really loved this page, thanks much in part to that tissue paper!


This last week of August/beginning of September thankfully brought us our first home football game and marching band performance. As luck would have it, we had a lot of rain, so it was a late start, but successful none-the-less! That Friday was a half day, so we took the opportunity for a long weekend at home in Jax for Labor Day weekend.


Close up of last art side spread for the month above. This page also came together from scraps on my desk. That square photo is an Instagram print from one of my Boca Grande photographs. The little splotches of paint up around it are actually paint splotches from my paint pallete that I pulled up off the pallete. That was a very fun discovery I learned in Pam Carriker's workshop earlier in the month. With the right, slick, pallete paper, you can peel the leftover paint off and use it!

Thanks for stopping in again today! To see more of my 2017 Documented Life Project journal, click here. For 2016, click here; for 2015, click here; and for 2014, click here. Thanks to the ladies at Art to the 5th for originally creating the project!

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