Best Shot Monday: Meatball and My (Gasp!) Small Dog History


Monday blew my me, so I'm doing my normal Best Shot Monday on Wednesday this week!  So, I have a confession. I grew up with Dachshunds. Little weiner dogs. I got my first one for my fourth birthday, a black and tan miniature, and named her Samantha after my favorite TV show at the time, Bewitched. She lived a long happy life, sleeping with me and even putting up with me dressing her up in costumes every now and then. She went to college with me and during my junior year when I went home for Christmas, she stayed home in Orange Park with my mom when I went back to school in January. She was 17 and in her last days, and my mom and our vet knew it would be easier on me if I went back without her. It was super hard, but I knew it was best. She passed away about 2 weeks later.

Then when I went home for Spring Break that year, my mom surprised me with Boca, another miniature, this time red. I named her Boca after my favorite vacation spot, Boca Grande. Boca was with me, sleeping in my bed, for 15 years, spoiled rotten. By that time, I had met and married my husband, who is a big dog guy, and when we got together, Boca had to share me with two Labs. Once I lost Boca, I never looked back. I was officially a big dog girl. I LOVE BIG DOGS!!!

And so, here's Meatball. He was the last dog I photographed last week, so I was pretty tired by the time I made it to him. When I walked around the corner to his kennel and saw him, I stopped for a minute and said, "Well, hey there, big fella. (SUPER big fella). You aren't gonna give me any trouble, are ya?" And he just sat there sweetly and gently wagged his tail.  And he sure enough didn't give me the least bit of trouble. And I fell in love with him. All 87 pounds of him. He's huge! But very gentle and just a big hunk of love. He's available for adoption at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center!

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