Best Shot Monday: Max


I was scrolling back through my shelter photos for my #100daysofshelterpets #the100dayproject when I came back across Max here. What a super handsome dude. One of the things that many folks unfamiliar with their local municipal shelter may not know is that the shelter manages far more than just stray dogs and cats. Max and his litter mate Sheba came into the shelter as confiscations due to a domestic dispute. They spent nearly five months in the shelter before they could even be put up for adoption because shelter staff had to wait until the case was settled.  Once the case was closed, Max and Sheba were put up for adoption and adopted very quickly! 

This is just one example of how our city shelters fill up. While the average citizen may just think of stray dogs, your city shelter is also sheltering confiscations like these as well as confiscations from abuse or hoarding cases, sick and injured animals, and owner surrenders. And some people wonder how shelters get so crowded! Support your local shelter. Adopt. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, educate. And if you can't educate, donate. This time of year -- kitten season -- cans of wet cat food are welcome!  If you are on Instagram, follow me @shelterpetsuperstars and @kellynwarren!  Have a great week! 

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