Best Shot Monday: The Warrens Go to California!

Hello there, and welcome back to Best Shot Monday! Normally I share a shelter dog I've photographed with you on Mondays, but today, for posterity's sake, I'm mixing it up!  We did a family trip to California the third week in June, and I've finally gotten around to editing all our pictures!

We stayed with a friend in the San Francisco Bay area for part of our stay, including our first night. We arrived on Tuesday and took a walk around my friend's neighborhood to shake off the flight.

We headed down to Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our second day.  Love the jellies!

The next day, we continued down the Pacific Coast Highway, here at Point Lobos State Park.

Point Lobos State Park

Further on down the coast at the famous Bixby Bridge. So cool!

So many beautiful spots to pull over and take a little hike on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Pfeiffer Beach at Big Sur

The next day, we drove back up the coast to Santa Cruz and visited the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. Had to get some Banana Slug gear!

The next day, we did the usual touristy things in downtown San Francisco, including visiting the famous sea lions on Pier 39. You definitely smell them before you see them, but they were quite entertaining!

At Pier 39

At Pier 39

After visiting the piers and Fisherman's Wharf area, we went to a San Francisco Giants game!

Quite a view from the San Francisco Giants stadium, Oracle Park!

Our last day included a trip up to the Muir Woods National Monument. So beautiful!

Muir Woods

At the entrance to Muir Woods

In Muir Woods, with my husband doing a photo bomb!

Must hug a tree in Muir Woods...I'd say the size is quite a bit different from our Florida palm trees...

From Muir Woods, we headed to lunch in Sausalito and then over to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Selfie at the Point Bonita Lighthouse

The Point Bonita Lighthouse is part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area, so you know where that took us next! It was so incredibly windy up there!

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Pretty awe-inspiring up close and personal from this view.

And lastly, me and my friend Cathie. She and her husband were our lovely hosts!  Cathie and I actually met on Facebook and became fast friends. We even had the exact same jeans! On Sunday of our trip, we had a more laid back day and had a wonderful, relaxing dinner at Cathie's house with her husband and her daughter. We talked for hours.  Sometimes you are just meant to meet someone! I'm so grateful to her and her husband for hosting us.


AuburnTiger said...

Your jewelry and photographs are gorgeous! "Happy" is certainly the way your website makes me feel.
Auburn Tiger

Sandi Smith said...

Love all the great pictures, looks like you all had an amazing time.

Oh yes, please include my name in the July Free Bling!
Tallahassee, Florida

windycindy said...

Hi, It looks like a wonderful family trip! I especially like the pictures where your daughters are jumping!
Thanks for sharing,

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks, ladies!