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Sometimes little messages come to you without even realizing it. Ever have that happen to you? When I was pulling this journal page together, all I knew at the beginning was that I wanted to use the big sunflower I cut out of a magazine and some napkin bits. I had both those parts pretty much coming together and felt like it needed a little somethin' somethin', so I dug though my scraps pile and found that presence scrap. The word and the definition were actually together on a vintage flash card type thing, but the spacing didn't work right so I cut them apart. I was just "looking" at the words, not really "reading" them. Does that make sense?

It wasn't until I was completely done with the page that the full meaning and the use of flowers jumped out at me.  And that gift of presence! After reading that, I realized I could quit beating myself up for not getting my website updated (ya know like for months now, given that I finished my #100daysofshinythings project in July)!  I hadn't made the time to do it because I was too busy being present.  So I was actually a little proud of myself.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I tend to stretch myself a little too thin, but I do my level best to be as present for my girls as possible. Since I have so much work travel, that time at home is precious. So things like getting my website updated tend to take a back seat.  I'll get there!  Working on a few uploads each week!  Hop on over and take a peek. I finally listed a few of my handmade journals, which I've been promising for months!   

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