Finding Time for Bookbinding ... and Lots of Other Stuff


Well, hello there, old friends. Been a while since I've checked in here, hasn't it! My world had been getting a little overwhelming with the work, family, and the time to create juggle, but aren't we all on a pause now? I hope you and yours are doing as well as can be expected in these unprecedented pandemic times we are now working through.


As I work in higher education athletics and activities, everything has pretty much shut down for us for a while, and we're primarily all working from home, so I've been trying to find a new normal for me and my family. It's definitely a challenge keeping teenagers motivated! My girls have been on an extended two-week Spring Break, but they will be resuming school online starting Monday. I'm hoping to get them to a little better schedule that does not involve sleeping in until 10am daily!


I made this sweet little book a couple weeks ago. The covers are from a colorful almond box I found empty in our office break room, happy that no one had thrown it away! I'm packing it up and sending it off to a friend in California as a little surprise. Take care of yourself and your friends and family, and maybe use this time to decompress and rest. I've been wondering if this has been a message from God, the Universe, the Earth, whomever you believe sends messages, that maybe we all needed to slow down and take some time to appreciate everything we have. Be well.


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