Week 1 - #100daysofuseitupkelly

Hello there! I'm taking on the 100 Day Project again this year! I found that last year, it really did motivate me to create just about every day, even if it was something super simple. This year my hashtag is #100daysofuseitupkelly. If you can read between the lines there, so to speak, yes, I'm using things up! I decided I have so much crap - ah, I mean so many wonderful art supplies - that instead of coming up with something specific, I'll just make something every day out of something that is currently in my studio. This will be anything from an art journaling page, to a small book or journal, to a piece of jewelry ... whatever! I hope you'll follow along! I'll post in weekly batches here, and you can also follow along on my Instagram here (@kellynwarren if you are on IG). Yes, many of the things you'll see will be available for purchase, but I'll likely not list anything on my website until the project is done, so shoot me a note or comment if you see something you'd like to appear in your mailbox! You can learn more about the 100 Day Project and artists behind it here.

Days 1-7

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