Best Shot Monday: Meet Manger


Meet Manger. This sweet fella really captured my heart this past week. He came into the shelter as an owner surrender, and he's pretty beat up. He's super shy and timid at this point, so I just sat in his kennel with him for a while to win his trust. After about 20 minutes of sitting with him, much of it with his head tucked in my arm between gently taking treats from me, he agreed to come out with me. He is such a sweet love and will need a patient adopter to work slowly with him to help him learn how much we humans can love him. He's available for adoption through the City of Tallahassee - Animal Service Center. The shelter is currently open for adoptions by appointment. ⁣

There are so many homeless animals out there that need families. Next time you are considering adding a new furry friend, please consider visiting your local animal shelter instead of buying a pet from a pet store or a breeder. Rescued animals know they've been rescued, and they'll return the love tenfold. Support your local animal shelter! Volunteer. Adopt. Foster. Educate. Donate...⁣

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