Jumping Into a Junk Journal


I've been fascinated by junk journals lately. I actually created my first very simple one last August in a class with Kiala Givehand and Tiffany Goff Smith, and I used that one for Kasia Avery's art journaling advent calendar last December. So while I was at home in Jacksonville earlier this summer, I decided to create my first more in-depth one with whatever I had on hand there at home!



I started with an Daily Q&A book that I never used and cut the book block out. I collaged painted and stenciled on the cover and then went from there! I added in a variety of "junk" papers, i.e. old sheet music, old book pages, maps, scrapbook paper scraps, etc, but the one thing I did not like about working in that first simple junk journal I created was that all the papers were a bit thin.



To remedy that, I added good quality mixed media paper to the signatures. Before sewing it all together, I created some tuck spots and sewed in a few bits and bobs here and there. It was a fun process! I can see how they can become a bit addicting!



CraftyHope said...

I'm sure I've seen a peek at this journal on IG, but here I'm getting a look at the detail of it. It's a gorgeous book for sure, and I hope you enjoy working in it too.

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Hope! I was a lot of fun to create!