More Pretties in the Mail Box

Happy Thursday! It’s been a particularly busy couple of weeks around the Happy Shack, but I did want to pop in today for a couple notes. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We did here. Beautiful day, perfect weather, just hanging around the house being lazy. I did receive one little six-year-old figurative smack on the side of the head I’m still processing, so I’ll share that with you a bit later. For now, I wanted to send out a very big hug and thank you to two lovely ladies who graced my mail box with little pretties recently. Fannie sent me two pieces of her beautiful hand-dyed fabrics. Thanks so much, sweet Fannie! I have a few ideas in mind for these. Fannie is a very talented fabric and collage artist and all around beautiful soul. Take a look at her blog here.

Britta sent me this bookmark. She made the bookmark from the National Geographic magazines she purchased from my de-stash shop. Wasn’t that sweet!? She used the Citra-Solv process described in a recent Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I’m a voracious magazine reader and can never bear to put the National Geographics in the recycle bin, so I thought someone might be able to use my burgeoning stash for collage.

Early next week, I’ll share another very special gift I received from a very special friend yesterday. :-)


Gina Lee Kim said...

Oh I love pretties in the mail! Thank you for the Citri-solv link. So inspiring!

lori vliegen said...

i'm glad you had a nice, lazy mother's day.....perfect!!! and your mail goodies are gorgeous. can't wait to see what you do with your pretty fabric.....xox, :))

chrissy said...

dearest kelly
these sweet mail gifts are wonderful.
such clever women that surround you.
i HAVE to say that i myself...received a gift of LOVELINESS in the mail yesterday.
thank you sooooo much!
what a dear you are.
how did i get so blessed to have my path cross the path of kelly warren?
im sending you a little email so look for it.
you are the best.

Scylliane said...

What a wonderful bookmark... and beautiful mails

you're blessed

a fellow creative dreamer