Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Documented Life: Week 31

Week 31 challenge for The Documented Life Project was to add a pocket and fill it with the week's treasures. Given that Week 31 just happened to be the redheads' birthday week, that was very easy to do!

Week 31-1 Kelly

Week 31-6 Kelly

We documented our whole week, from visiting Eco Relics and a quick trip to Flamingo Lake on Monday to having a sleepover with Emily for her birthday and my visit to the shelter for Sunday Funday at the end of the week. The day of their birthday, we went to Summer Waves water park up on Jekyll Island and took their good friend Hailey along with us. Mid-week included a day in St. Augustine and a day of rest!

Week 31-2 Kelly

Week 31-4 Kelly

I included a couple pictures on the spread and then stuck the rest along with the receipts for our adventures in the pocket, which was an envelope created by the lovely Monica Moran. Monica and I are An Artful Journey buddies. That's Monica's envelope below.

Week 31-5 Kelly

Week 31-3 Kelly

Details on this week's challenge: I started with a piece of painted up deli paper and added rub-on letters, phrases, and scribbles. One of my main goals for this whole project has been to put a dent in all the papers and such I have, and I think I'm slowly getting there!  See more of my Documented Life Project posts here, and check out the whole project here

Monday, September 1, 2014

Best Shot Monday: Friends and Strangers Project, Sherwin

Next up in my Friends and Strangers project, meet Sherwin! Having an on-line creative business, I make regular trips to the post office to mail orders. Jacksonville's main post office is close to my campus, so most often that's where I go. I've found all the staff there to be very welcoming and friendly, but Sherwin has always stood out to me. I've wanted to catch his photo for a while, but most often when I'm in there, there's a line of people so I don't want to interrupt. Thankfully one day last week, I dropped in to mail a package on an afternoon that wasn't quite so busy.

Sherwin was born into a military family in Texas and through the military, his family ended up in Jacksonville by way of Norfolk, Virginia, when he was in kindergarten. He's been in Jacksonville ever since. I have to admit, I was shocked to hear how old he was because he certainly wears his age well (much like my good friend Walter)!  He's been with the Postal Service for 20 years, so I'll let you do the math.  Thank you, Sherwin, for your always excellent service, positive attitude, and welcoming smile.  Those of you in Jacksonville, stop in to the main post office on Kings Rd. and say hello!

I've been enjoying this project. It's a been a challenge to capture the "strangers" portion as it truly is pretty daunting to ask a stranger if you can take his picture. I've been turned down often. Heck, I've even been turned down by friends who don't want me to photograph them!  Even though I see Sherwin at the post office every visit, it was still a bit frightening to ask.  Recently I finished reading a book a blog reader, Carol, recommended to me after seeing this series of posts.  The book is called In the Neighborhood:  The Search for Community on an American Street One Sleepover at a Time, by Peter Lovenheim.  From Carol's email address, I'm guessing she's from Rochester, NY, and the setting for this book is Brighton, just outside of Rochester.  I really enjoyed the book, and it's encouraged me to reach out to more of my own neighbors, so I hope to start including them in this project.  Our street shares some similarities to the Sandringham Road of the book, not necessarily because we don't feel the need to talk with each other, but rather the nature of the street makes it more of a challenge. We live on Heckscher Drive, essentially AIA, a heavily traveled state road with no sidewalks.  We know all our immediate neighbors and have many times helped out our elderly neighbor directly next door, but beyond our little cluster, we don't really know our neighbors. I'm hoping to change that soon, thanks to Carol's inspiration.

Happy Labor Day to you all!  Sherwin and I are enjoying our day off!  I hope you are, too! See more Friends and Strangers project posts here

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Documented Life: Week 30

I've been doing a little better keeping up with the Documented Life Project, but I'm still behind on blogging them (and, of course, there's the whole little issue of weeks 17-29 that I have to go back and do...). Week 30's challenge was to add receipts, labels and business cards, Smash book-style. So I added a whole little hodgepodge of things and am really happy with the way it came out!

Week 30-2 Kelly

Week 30 was a tough week for me as I learned I was not selected for the position I've been working towards for nearly 10 years. But, after more thought, I think it was a blessing. When the position was finally created, it wasn't exactly what I hoped it would be, and the funding for it was not guaranteed after the first year. Probably best that things worked out the way they did.  I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. I'm simply meant for something bigger!

Week 30-3 Kelly
When I started grabbing things from my table to add in, I spotted my package from the sweet Liv Lane and had to smash her in on the tip-in tag!

Week 30-1 Kelly
The E for elephant card came from a stash of flashcards I picked up I can't remember where, and the elephant stamp came from my stamp stash (stamps are another little addiction I have). Olive Manna is a fun little shop on Etsy I picked up some twine from, and I cut the dream quote out of a 2010 Papaya journal I've had laying around forever for this very purpose! 

Week 30-4 Kelly

See more of my Documented Life Project posts here, and check out the whole project here!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Shot Monday: Making a New Tradition

St. George Island 
Since the girls were born, we've spent the second or third week of August visiting my Great Aunt Livy for her birthday. Aunt Livy passed peacefully in her sleep on the night of her 92nd birthday last summer, so we decided it was important to create a new tradition to celebrate her. Now, we'll spend that week on St. George Island, where we took this picture. I'm grateful that I have a friend who owns a lovely little cottage on St. George Island!

These past few weeks have definitely been ones of new adventures.  My blog absence has been due to getting the girls (and me!) ready for middle school!  They started 6th grade last Monday, and it's been quite the challenge for all getting adjusted to the new routine. Not only did the redheads have to make the transition to a new school, they also had to make the transition to riding the bus to school!  Thankfully, I was able to adjust my work schedule so that I can be home with them until the bus comes, though our bus adventure started off on the wrong foot. On the first day, as we stood at the end of our driveway waiting for the bus to stop (we live on a state road, so by law, the bus must stop at our house), the bus just blew right by!  We got in the car and chased the bus down at the next stop, and I had a little chat with the bus driver.  Though she told me we were not on her stop list, I assured her that I had already talked with the transportation department three times over the previous two weeks to ensure that we were, in fact, on her stop list.  When I called the transportation office when I got into work that day, they confirmed that, yes, we were on the list; there must have been a miscommunication with the driver.  Oh well, at least they got that challenge over on the first day, and the bus now stops at our house.

So now, summer's over. (Well, summer isn't really over in Florida until sometime in late October, but you get my point.)  It's been a whirlwind and another testament to that old cliche of time passing so quickly while your kids are growing up.  We're settling into our Fall routine, hoping for a little bit of cooler weather and getting ready for football season! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Treasury Shout Out!: Green Thumbs Up

Green Thumbs Up by KristisBeadsnBaubles 
Thank you to the lovely Kristi of KristisBeadsNBaubles for including one of my photographs in this beautiful treasury featuring Florida artists and members of the Florida Etsy Street Team.  My Queen Anne's Lace photo is third row, third spot.  Hop on over to Etsy to view this treasury in all its clickable glory here and be sure to check out all of Kristi's selections. 

Kristi makes beautiful polymer clay beads and includes them in her own jewelry.  Take a peek at her beautiful shop when you get a chance!  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Best Shot Monday: Zoey and Panda

Zoey 8-3-14
Our fosters babies are coming right along! After we lost tiny Bella and Gracie went to Mega, we picked up a new foster to keep tiny Zoey company, sweet little Panda (below). At last weigh in on July 26, Zoey was 14 ounces and Panda was one pound 14 ounces. I'm sure Panda's gained two ounces and is ready for surgery and adoption by this point, but we'll keep him with us until Zoey is ready to go. She still has a pound to go, so we'll probably have her for another month or so.  Way too long to get attached...  Who am I kidding?  I'm already attached...  After losing her sister, she'll be very hard to give up.

These two love to play together, and they've finally gotten big enough to play with Spartacus Pete. Tink prefers to stay upstairs away from the youngin's. I had a bit of a panic moment the other night when I went downstairs to feed them and put them to bed. Benny had already let the dogs in and put them in their crates but left the kits out for me to feed. When I went down there, Zoey didn't come running like she always does.  I called her and called her, but nothing. I walked around the corner, and there she sat ... in Isabelle's crate, right next to Isabelle like they were the best of friends. Isabelle is a nearly 70 pound chocolate lab mix.  Zoey was tiny enough that she was able to squeeze through the bars of Izzy's crate. Izzy looked from me to Zoey and back again like she was saying, "Um, Mom, um, Mom, um, do see that she is in here, right?"  I opened the crate, got Zoey out, and hugged and thanked Isabelle profusely for not eating the kitten.  Since then, Zoey can't get enough of her.  If Izzy is around, Zoey wants to sit next to her.  Isabelle's still not sure what to think about that.

Panda 8-3-14

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Documented Life: Weeks 14-16

I'm woefully behind on my Documented Life project, but I have a plan to catch up! Here are Weeks 14-16. 
 Week 14-Kelly

Week 14 was to write your name and embellish it. My tip in for this week was a piece of scrapbook paper, so I thankfully had a good background to start with. I used one of Roben-Marie's Art Pops cards and added my name in a variety of alphabet letters, embellishing with other stickers and washi tape.

Week 14-Kelly

This was the week I lost my sweet blind girl Savannah, so I featured her prominently on the journaling pages. This was also the first week I tried Roben-Marie's tutorial for creating the inside pages, which I loved! I hadn't thought of putting paint all over the place. I was afraid it wouldn't work on those thin pages, but it worked very well!

Week 14-Kelly

Week 15-Kelly

Week 15 called for going monochromatic, using shades, tints and hues of one color. I went with pink. (Shocking, right?) I like to pull fun graphics out of magazines, so that's where the Grow Love came from. I've cut out that ad twice now, but don't ask me what it's advertising because I can't remember!

Week 15-Kelly

I still need to add some journaling to the inside of Week 15.

Week 16-Kelly

Week 16's challenge was to use a cardbood food box or tray in a creative way. Well, my greatest food weakness on this earth is Girl Scout Do-Si-Do cookies. It's truly very sad. During cookie season, I buy what I think is a reasonable amount for our family. This year I initially bought one case of Do-Si-Do's. Well, those were gone way too fast, but alas, our troop was out of them and I couldn't find any more anywhere! I was I went to eBay. Yes, my friends, I bought a case of Do-Si-So's from a cookie mom on eBay. And then my friend Dan, whose wife Christy must also be a cookie mom, brought me another nearly full case. That was in February. Out of all that, I only have five boxes left.

Week 16-Kelly

I still need to add some journaling to the inside of Week 16. Undoubtedly it will be about sailing away on a large cruise ship full of Do-Si-Do's. The redheads are just as behind as I am, but they want to catch up with me. Hopefully I will be sharing more of their pages soon! Oh, and for my catch up plan...every week now, I'm doing the current week's challenge and one catch-up challenge. That's the plan anyways...

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