Best Shot Monday: And a crazy story about a car in Minnesota..

34 Ford Roadster

Doing something a little different for Best Shot Monday today! I took this photo nearly eight years ago, but it has a very fun story behind it now! Early last week, A guy reached out to me on Etsy after he came across my photo of a 1934 Ford Roadster in my Etsy photo shop. He said he was searching because he had just recently purchased a '34 Ford himself and wanted a nice picture for his garage. When he found my photo, he really felt like it was a photo of the exact car he purchased. And this guy lives in Minnesota! He heard the car had been rebuilt in Florida, so we chatted back and forth a bit, and I dug through my images to see when and where I captured this shot. I also found all the original unedited images of this shoot and, sure enough, we found enough evidence that the car I photographed back in 2011 at the Amelia Cruisers Classic Car Show in Fernandina Beach, Florida, was now the very same car that was sitting in his garage in Minnesota. This big old world gets smaller every day, doesn't it!?  I hope things are going well in your little piece of the world today. Thanks for stopping in.

Best Shot Monday: Daisy Mae!

Daisy Mae_A184256

Look at this gorgeous gal! Meet Daisy Mae! Super smart gal who obviously had a home and was well loved at some point. We'll never know the backgrounds of many of the dogs that land in shelters, but we can hopefully know their future! This super fetch and return champ was adopted last week shortly after her glamour shot, so my hope is that she's now living her best life! Just another example of the amazing dogs you can find in your local shelter!

September Free Bling Friday!

September Free Bling

Happy Friday, and welcome back to Free Bling Friday! Congratulations to Whitney from Jacksonville, the recipient of August Free Bling. On to September Free Bling! I created this pair during my #100daysofshinythings project and they include one of my favorite stones: amazonite.  If you are interested in the meanings of stones, Robert Simmons in his The Book of Stones describes amazonite as "a stone of harmony, both within the self and among people. It is a truth-teller and peacemaker, assisting one in communicating one's true thoughts and feelings without overemotionalism." Me, I just really love that it reminds me of the beach, which is my happy place. Here, I've accented the stones with simple 14K gold-filled findings and gold-plated pewter caps.

To get your name in the hat to win these little lovelies, leave me your first name, city and state, and a way to contact you in the comments below no later than midnight EST Thursday, September 26. If you haven't already subscribed to my monthly newsletter, click here to subscribe and you'll receive a reminder each month for Free Bling and another entry. Newsletter readers get a Free Bling entry simply by replying to my monthly email as well as access to subscriber only discounts in my Etsy shops over there in the right column and my website. Share this post on Facebook and post a separate comment letting me know you did that for one more entry for a total of three chances.

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Masking Tape is My Spirit Animal...

Kiala journal-1

So I can't take credit for "masking tape is my spirit animal" because I heard it from Tiffany Goff Smith in the workshop I took with her and Kiala Givehand, but once Tiff showed me some fun ways to use masking tape that I had never considered, I felt the exact same way. Masking tape is my spirit animal! Can you see all that yummy texture in this spread? Yep! Plain old masking tape. I also fell in love with Lukas Cryl Studio Paynes Grey paint, which I used in this spread. I'm not a fan of black paint, but this Paynes Grey is just super yummy.... And yep, those are paper towels in there too. Thanks Tiff!

Best Shot Monday: Simone


Yeah, I know it's Tuesday, but Happy Best Shot Monday! This week has me all discombobulated! Meet Simone! Some people think all you find at municipal shelters are pit mixes and other bully breeds (which wouldn't be horrible because they truly are amazing and have been given a bad rap by the media, but you've heard me say that many times here, right?). So I think gorgeous Simone here disproves that thought. She's a beaut, isn't she? Looks to be a pure bred chocolate lab to me! She came in as a stray but she had clearly been someone's dog fairly recently. She was in great shape and fetched and returned like a champ. Sad that whoever lost her didn't make it back to her. As you can imagine, she was adopted quickly after we posted her picture.

I can testify to that terrifying feeling of missing a dog as I experienced just that this past weekend. My Molly got spooked by the yard guy wielding a weed whacker and bolted Friday afternoon about 1:30pm. We searched and searched and stuffed hundreds of flyers in mailboxes and blanketed social media with her sweet face. Thankfully one of our flyers hit pay dirt and someone spotted her Sunday afternoon and called me. She was about three miles away through some woods, poor girl got so turned around. But thankfully our story ended happily as she's now back home safely with us!  Make sure your pets have good identification on them and are microchipped!  Thanks for stopping in today! 

Best Shot Monday: Biscuit


Happy Monday! I've shared here before that when thinking about a shelter dog (and please do think about a shelter dog!), it's really important to not judge a dog by his kennel presentation. After all, these dogs are cooped up in their kennels for at least 23 hours a day. How would you feel in that situation, right? So yes, sometimes they might look a little crazy in their kennels (or scared or aggressive or...).... It's just so important to meet a dog outside of the kennel where you can truly interact with him. Like Biscuit here! He was a little high strung in his kennel, but seriously! Look at this adorable sit! And this is another example of how a good photo saves lives. I just photographed Biscuit last Wednesday and he's already been adopted! Do you love animals and are pretty decent with a camera? There's a volunteer opportunity out there waiting for you. I guarantee you a shelter in your area could use your help. Go check them out! And thanks for stopping in today!

Art Journaling ...

August 3, 2019

Working to get back into the habit of art journaling regularly after creating jewelry for my 100 day project all summer! This is one of the pages I created with Kiala Givehand and Tiffany Goff Smith a couple weeks ago in Pensacola. It's a pretty random mess, and I may add more to it, but I'm loving the colors for now. I really need to get back to my Documented Life Project journal! Lots of catching up to do there! Hopefully this weekend!