Getting Started

Originally posted June 2006

So I've finally gotten around to getting my website up and running...I can't believe it! Hope you all like it.
I must send my many thanks to the folks at Pappashop for all their help. I know I drive them crazy at times with all my questions. If you ever need a website designer, check them out! They are really great to work with.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how all this happens. I have many wonderful customers in my neighborhood who always wonder how I have time to make jewelry with two little redheads constantly underfoot. (Secretly, I've already involved them in slave labor, but I'll save that for another story :-) I try to work on my jewelry either while the girls are napping on the weekend--and unfortunately for our sanity, those naps are getting shorter and shorter--or after they go to bed at night--which now thanks to daylight savings time is later and later. So most often, I am working while they are underfoot. My husband built me a wonderful workshop on the ground floor of our house, and at one end there is a window with a large shelf in front of it. That's usually where the girls hang out. They both have their own "jewelries" boxes full of old junk jewelry and Mardi Gras beads. Most often, they pile on as many pieces as they can at one time and say, "Mommy, don't I look cute?" Yes, these are soon to be three-year-olds. Then there is the challenge of their wanting to put their jewelries (yes, I really do know how to spell, that's just what they call it...) in my bead boxes. "Mommy, will this one fit there?" says one as she squashes an obnoxious strand of lime green plastic beads she got at Springtime Tallahassee into my sterling spacers. Most times though, they are content to fight over their jewelries and reach "across the line" into my spac
e to grab all my tools off their hooks above me and rearrange them. Or grab a couple wire mandrels and bang on the window sill singing, "Mommy, Mommy, jump up and down! Mommy, Mommy, jump up and down!" Never a dull moment. Though possible relief arrived this weekend in the form of nice little plastic pool from Walmart....that's starting to keep both hubby and the girls occupied! And then there's the time hubby was supposed to be watching them, when in fact, they were in the bathroom getting into my lipsticks.....

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