Recycle your Running Shoes!

Just looked at my calendar and realized I have four arts festivals in an eight week span between Feb 17 and April 15! Yikes! I have to get back down to the workbench this weekend. Sarah's been keeping me up nights with her late night playing (we're talking all hours of the night pulling apart her room playing with whatever she can get her hands on...the child does not sleep...while Livvie calmly watches from her bed probably wondering why the heck her sister is so engrossed when she's trying to get her beauty rest) so I've been trying to get to bed early. But I have now at least cleaned out all of the girls old tennis shoes that no longer fit! Did you know that Nike has a "reuse-a-shoe" program? They will take all your old tennis shoes, basically anything rubber, no matter the brand, and recycle them into playgrounds and other such things. If you are a recycle queen like me, this is a Godsend. I always hate throwing away my worn out running shoes, thinking of them creating another massive landfill (I have really big feet. ;-) Learn how to recycle your shoes here!

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