Behind the Camera: Spring Has Sprung!

I have definitely caught the spring bug! We've been having such beautiful weather the past week or so, I've had a hard time doing anything more than just hanging out on the back porch enjoying it. I have a few days off this week and next, and my plan has been to devote some time to the jewelry bench, but the river has been calling a little too loudly!

With a little time off, I've been getting back to my morning walks I've always loved so much. I live on a fairly busy road (essentially A1A), so I drive down to a little side road that borders the river to walk. The road dead ends with water on three sides, right were the river joins the intracoastal waterway. Very good for the soul.

I should have taken my camera this morning because the early morning sun over the river was gorgeous. So I broke out the camera once I got back home and took this shot...actually out of my bathroom window! I thought the swing to the dock to Steve and Shirley's sailboat out mid-river made a nice composition. The little green roof peaking up is Sarah and Livvie's playground. And I did not doctor this picture! The colors truly were this vibrant this morning. We've never been able to do much with our backyard, as the state declared it protected wetlands due to our overabundance of fiddler crabs, but it's never been a concern for us given what flows just beyond it. We're about 8 miles from the beach by road, and 5 miles from the mouth of the river by boat. Now we just need a new boat! We sold ours when the girls were babies since we knew it would be a few years before we could really use it again. Not good for a boat to sit idle for that long. Now that the girls are going on 4, I think it's time to start looking again! Happy Spring to you!

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