Need a Little Diversion?

I've been incredibly busy at the office the past few weeks as I'm chairing a MAJOR college-wide event that takes place next Thursday. (I really can't wait until next Friday...) So ya know, sometimes you just need a little diversion to take your mind off your worries, right? Something to brighten your day! Well, here is my diversion....

Have you seen these new Kenneth Cole RSVP ads featuring my dear Jon BonJovi? I say my dear Jon because there's a story behind that. If you were a regular watcher of the show Friends, you know about the "Friends Five". Jon BonJovi is on the top of my Friends Five list. I've been carrying on a very long passionate affair with Jon for several my dreams. I'm not making this up! This series of dreams has spanned three to four years now. We're talking major scandal here. The affair's been all over the National Enquirer. I'm surprised you haven't read about it already! ;-) My best friend Becky even asked me if she should reserve a seat for him at her wedding reception. I hated to tell her that he wouldn't be able to make it since he would be on tour in Europe at the time of the wedding.

I think these dreams started when Jon had that recurring role on Ally McBeal. I loved that show! Sure, I was a BonJovi fan back in the day, but not a diehard. I never went to a concert or anything like that, and I've never been a fan of the big hair look. But I must say Jon has aged very well. He turned 45 last Friday. (No, I did not already know that information; I heard it on the radio....gimme a break!). And now that he's gone a little country at times, with that great duet with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, he continues to rock my dreams. (The fact that at 5'10", I'm probably a good 2-3" taller than he is, has never concerned me.) Great CMT Crossroads episode out not too long ago that combined BonJovi and Sugarland. Catch it in reruns if you can. In the meantime, enjoy this great picture!

Oh well...I guess I've dallied long enough...see you in my dreams, Jon.

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