The People You Meet on the Road...

So my lovely arts festival assistant Whitney and I traveled down the road apiece to the St. Augustine Lions Seafood Festival this past weekend. This was the 26th annual and was billed as a great arts and crafts festival. Well…not so much. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that the majority of the people there (and compared to other shows we’ve done, that wasn’t very many) where there for the food, not the arts and crafts. All modesty aside, I can honestly say that my jewelry was the most beautiful and most unique there….it was also the most expensive. By all appearances, the majority of the jewelry there, and nearly 50% of the “arts and crafts” represented there, were of the buy/sell/imported sort. In other words, it was not created by the person who was selling it. Oh well, live and learn. At least we covered our expenses. Other than the Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach Seafood Festival, we’ll stay away from “food” festivals from now on.

Though there is always a bright spot! You really do meet some great people on the road. In addition to the wonderful customers I’ve met, I’ve met some outstanding artists who are a heck of a lot of fun. The highlight of this show was Lizz “Gypsy” Hundley. She’s so much fun! I thought she might be a kindred spirit the minute I saw her art, and that was confirmed when I met her and we instantly connected. I was first attracted to her booth by the bright colors. I love bright colors! She creates the type of art that really makes you smile. Then I noticed the painted guitar case leaning in the corner. Loved it! Gypsy wasn’t in the booth at the time, but I went back later to ask about her guitar case. Needless to say, I made sure my guitar case was in her hands by Sunday morning. She painted the whole thing during the show on Sunday. It’s so awesome! She painted a bright colorful guitar on one side, with my name through the middle of it, a beautiful sunset over water scene on the other side, with a mermaid dancing through the water at the bottom, piano keys all the way around the rim, and my little “Put on your happy feet and dance once in a while” saying on the neck. Did I already say it’s so awesome!? :-) The whole adventure became even sweeter when Lizz told me my Dad, who had come up to visit for the weekend, had snuck behind me and paid for my guitar case. Thanks again, Dad!

I fell in love with Gypsy's art in general, and her as a person, and have already become a collector. She paints tambourines as well, so I bought one for Sarah and Olivia both. They have already asked me if they can take them to “show and tell” day this Friday. I had my eye on a very large painting that would be a perfect fit for my very large wall above our dining room table….and was so sad when I saw her incredibly handsome boyfriend walk by with it taking it to someone else’s car! Oh well, that meant I would just have to get the painted headboard. It’s gorgeous! I’ve included a picture of it here. Where am I going to put it? No clue! I just had to have it! I know I won’t use it as a headboard, too pretty for that. I’m sure I can find a wall to lean it up against.

Thanks to Gypsy, what was a dismal show for me sales-wise, became a wonderful show people-wise. I feel certain we’ll keep in touch and I hope she'll be hanging out at the Happy Shack for some Jacksonville shows in the future. Be sure to check out her website here to get you some Gypsy art yourself!

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