Random Notes from Boca--Feelin' the Love

Whatta ya know...the Boca Grande Community Center has computer access now! Had to share two things with you this morning before I hit the beach. Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and we are certainly feelin' the love...but not that kind of love! We're talking the love of those friendly little black bugs with the orange heads that often fly around attached in pairs, thus their name "lovebugs". As we were driving down here yesterday, DH was moaning and groaning about the inordinate amount of lovebugs that seemed to be covering our windsheild, but that was nothing compared to what we see here on the island. Ever seen that old movie "The Amityville Horror"? If you have, you'll remember the flies. Now, replace those flies with lovebugs. That's what we have.

OH.....MY......GOSH......I have never seen so many lovebugs in one place as I did on our screened-in backporch when we went in the condo. Yikes! Anywho, we're dealing, and we keep repeating the mantra, "Lovebugs don't bite" to the girls, especially since we also are getting quite a few of the friendly little creatures inside the house and they are even on the beach. Wanna know where lovebugs came from? Click here!

And now some sad news to report for those of you familiar with Boca and its storied residents. Becky, I went on our usual walk this morning and went by to give Ziggy a smooch for you. I'm very sorry to report that Ziggy has left us for piggy Heaven. She died January 6, 2007; there is a little memorial on her pen. I shed a few tears! For the rest of you, Ziggy was BG's resident pot-bellied big; she was 15 years old when she died. This time last year, she was up to about 300 lbs. Her best friend was Jack the duck, who was often seen riding on her back. They both lived at Whidden's Marina, which is by far the quirkiest place on the island. Whidden's now has two new pigs, Kizzy and Malla, sister pigs born Oct 31, 2006, who both have their own pet ducks. Don't know the ducks' names yet since no one but that scraggly old cat was around this morning. Miss you down here, Bec!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Todd and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary tomorrow...

Kelly Warren said...

That's wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you too!