Random Notes from Boca, Volume II--Still Feelin' the Love

Yes, the lovebugs are still with us, though not quite in the gazillions there were on Saturday. The winds changed direction yesterday afternoon, and magically the bugs were gone at least for a few hours. They're back now, but at least I managed to walk up here to the community center and not look I pasted black spots all over me. My father has also been a never-ending source of lovebug one liners...."So why are lovebugs called airline bugs?.......Because they fly United". That's really the only fairly clean one I can share with you. :-)

We went out in the boat Sunday and the girls got to experience a vertiable Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom in one trip to Cabbage Key. We saw a very large loggerhead ("Crush" to you Nemo fans) , and when we stopped to take a closer look, up popped a pod of 6-8 dolphins all around us. After a harrowing trip through 6-8 foot seas in the Boca Grande Pass...on a 19' boat...we saw a stingray jump about four feet out of the water directly in front of us on the way back from Cabbage Key. Ten feet closer and he would have landed on the front deck of the boat. I've lived near the ocean all my life, and things like that still never cease to amaze me. We're heading back out in the boat today to do some sandbar shelling. Hope you all are having a great week. Happy Birthday Becky!

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