Behind the Camera: Hmmm.....

I've been going through some of my favorite pictures of the girls and thought I'd share a few with you over the next couple weeks (since I've been such a slacker and have no new jewelry to show you!). They were about two years old in this picture, and when my friend Melissa Randall saw it, she wrote the little ditty below. I loved it so much, I put it on our Christmas card that year.

Look at that grin, makes you wonder what's in
That cup that she clutches. Is it snacks that she munches?
Cheerios they have told me, but from that face you'd believe
Sarah had something stronger, making smiles last much longer.
Now the problem arises when Olivia surmises
That her cup's not as much fun as that bright orange one.
Sibling rivalry notwithstanding, there'll be no understanding
Of the mysterious reactions of a mere cereal impaction.

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Anonymous said...

*Gasp* She looks SO much like the DH! What cuties they are. Love the pics