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Unfortunately, we are rained in today with rains from Tropical Storm Barry. And I tell you what, rained in on a Saturday after a week at the beach is very traumatic for twin nearly 4-year-olds! Since they still get up by 6:30am no matter what, we've now been through Sponge Bob Square Pants, Little Einsteins, the Mickey Mouse Club House and are now back to Sponge Bob (and it's only 10:04am). This came after Livvie wanted to watch the Little Mermaid for the 68th time this week, with Sarah responding, "She ALWAYS wants to watch Little Mermaid!" So Sarah suggested, "We haven't watched Sponge Bob in a while, Mom! Can we watch Sponge Bob?" And yes, we've already colored and destroyed our room playing and reading our books.

In between trying to keep them entertained, I've been trying to catch up on my emails and got a newsletter from one of my favorite sites. Are you the creative type? Think you aren't but would like to be? I'll let you in on a little secret. There is a wonderful company out there that provides tons of creative inspiration, including some of mine, through beautifully detailed books, magazines and supplies. I first discovered Stampington through the beautiful magazine Belle Armoire: Art to Wear. It was by far the most beautifully written and illustrated magazine I'd ever seen. I've kept every volume since and have become a huge Stampington fan. In addition to several periodicals, they have an incredible library of beautifully detailed arts and crafts books. From paper crafting to rubber stamping to collage to journaling and more. You can spend hours on their website just browsing these beautiful books. They also sell unique arts and crafts supplies as well as finished art projects. Check them out here!

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