Aprons, Aprons Everywhere!

I've been noticing a trend here lately.... aprons are back in style! I'm talking the good old-fashioned kitchen or hostess apron, but they are anything but old-fashioned looking now. Go to Etsy or Ebay and put apron in the search bar and you'll get thousands of matches. I've been on a fabric kick here lately (I get on these random kicks, just can't explain it). My goal in buying fabric is to get back to making some handbags again, but I keep seeing these adorable little aprons everywhere I look. This one is made by Bloomworks; it's a little cutie for your little cutie. I can definitely see Sarah and Olivia loving one of these. But I've seen just as many adorable ones for big girls like me. I also saw dozens of hip apron patterns when I was searching for new handbag ideas at Joann's the other day, so I may have to add aprons to my sewing list, just for fun. Now if only I could cook...you know, I mean something that doesn't come out of a box...other than spaghetti...I make a mean spaghetti sauce.

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