Old But New

My DH always gives me a hard time when I buy jewelry from other designers when I'm a designer myself, but sometimes I come across something I just have to have! Thus was the case with this necklace from "Old But New". It's called the Lorelai, named for the designer's favorite childhood poem about a siren who lures ship captains to their doom. I like the first few lines of the designer's bio: "oldbutnew is just me, Samantha. I live in Fort Worth with my husband, 3 cats, and a hedgehog named Penelope. I love old jewelry, old books, old movies... Sensing a pattern?" Though I snagged this piece, Samantha has lots of other lovelies as well, so check her out right here. And then don't forget to check out the latest on the Happy Shack website while you're shopping for new pieces coming soon! I just need to break out my camera and photo tent!

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