Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Once Upon a Time...

I discovered these little treasures surfing my favorite website (yes, that would be Etsy) and thought they were the coolest, most whimsical idea I've seen in quite some time. They are tiny little fairy doors for the tiny little fairies living all around us. The artist is a graphic designer with a master’s degree in children’s literature, and I can’t write the description any better than she already did, so in her words, here you go:

“Fairies are all around us, and while some of them live in forests, many of them prefer to live among muggles just like us! Use double stick tape or glue to hang your fairy door in your home to let fairies know they are welcome, and you just might be surprised how quickly they move in. You may have to wait a few days while the fairies observe you to make sure you are fairy friendly, but I suspect that soon you’ll spot fairy dust near their door, marking their arrival.

Fairy doors are designed to open inward so once a door is installed, only fairies can open it by using their magic. Fairies are very shy so be very gentle with the door and don’t try to force it open once it is installed or you might scare the fairies away forever.

The fun begins in discovering what kind of fairy has moved in; will it be a travel fairy that leaves you travel plans and tickets for fun outings or will it be a cleaning fairy who will stop by periodically to inspect your home and leave treats when she’s pleasantly surprised by how clean your home is (and maybe notes when she’s a little disappointed)? A library fairy or a junk food fairy? The possibilities are endless. Maybe it will be a fairy that adores your family and leaves special gifts on holidays and other special occasions. No matter what kind of fairy moves in, it's sure to add a little magic to your home.”

Please check out Once Upon a Time Design to pick out your own little fairy door. Even if you don't have a little girl in your family, I think these appeal to the little girls in all of us. I know I’m going to have to have one (or two...)!

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