Monday, November 26, 2007

In Support of the Donna Hicken Foundation…

This year I was given the opportunity to donate a silent auction piece for the annual Donna Hicken Foundation Christmas Luncheon at the Florida Yacht Club. I knew I wanted to do one of my Showstopper style necklaces and I got on a purple binge this weekend and came up with this. I love the way it came out! Hopefully it will bring in some big bucks for the Foundation. Started by First Coast news anchor Donna Hicken, the Foundation supports women battling breast cancer. Donna is a two-time breast cancer survivor and has journaled her experiences online and in book form. A triathlete and avid runner, she’s also started the first 26.2 with Donna: The National Breast Cancer Marathon, scheduled for its first running February 17, 2008. And she’s a Florida State College of Communications graduate, like me!

I’ve met Donna a couple times in passing but the one instance that sticks out in my head was at one of the Beaches Fine Arts Triathlons. I used to do those regularly, as does she, and since I was injured one race, I came as a volunteer and manned one of the water stations. When Donna came by, nowhere near the front of the pack, she said to me with a grin, “Am I winning yet?!” Gotta love that spunk.

Not sure if there are still seats available for the Christmas Luncheon, but if you're interested, contact the Florida Yacht Club at (904) 389-1011. I'll be sitting at Peg Greene's FCCJ table! I have two close friends who’ve battled breast cancer, so maybe I still have time to get back in shape for the marathon, though after running the Alaska Midnight Sun Marathon in 1997, I swore I’d never run another marathon…but this is a good cause! If you have someone in your life that's been touched by this disease, I hope you'll consider a donation to the Donna Hicken Foundation. Or would you rather run the marathon with me? :-)

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Leah said...

what an inspiring story about donna! i ran one marathon and that was quite enough for me. i love the showstopper necklace though!

Nancy said...

Beautiful piece Kelly! I too hope this brings in a lot of money for a very worthy cause.