Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Work in Progress...

We're getting there! I don't think I ever even stopped to eat lunch yesterday! DH and the girls got home about 4pm and played with me for a little while and then I finally came up for dinner about 8:15pm, then went back downstairs and went back to work! Here's what we've got so floors or molding yet, but the walls are almost done!

I started with these two rooms (below)...the smallest! Since I've never really worked with paper, I wanted to start small. This will be the bathroom and one bedroom. The laminate flooring is a leftover from the previous decor!

This is the attic room. I just realized there are no stairs going up to it! It was here I learned that paper really does make a difference. I had been using card stock up until this point. I initially did that back wall with the window with just regular paper stock and couldn't get rid of the bubbles so I tore that out and put this funky card stock in.

This was my first big challenge and light bulb over the head moment. I hadn't noticed that archway until I really looked at the room and then said, "Yikes! A straight line cut that is not!" I looked around my workshop and, as luck would have it, the lid of a coil of copper wire was the perfect fit for the arch. It was about 9:30pm by that time, so I had to run upstairs and wake up DH and show him my ingenuity!

And lastly, this room is my biggest challenge. This is the largest room and not only has the staircase in the middle of it, but also has two little nooks. One, to the back right in this picture, seems to have no purpose other than to aggravate me. The other is the front door foyer around the corner to the left behind the stairs...hmm...maybe if I take the front door off. More updates to come!


ELLIE said...

the doll house is awesome....a friend of mine built my daughter a doll house that was 4 feet tall - big rooms but nothing on the walls and such...yours is wonderful...and the little furniture like in the above entry will be wonderful.
The girls will just LOVE IT ALL!!!
Thanks for sharing it all

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

wow!!! that looks great! how lucky!

thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! :)

elleabelle said...

OH! That is gorgeous! I have a dollhouse too...that I have been meaning to finish for 2 years now...I am totally inspired now!!