Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mt. Joy School--Etsy for Autism

I’ve been admiring Debra Campbell’s work for a while, and I couldn’t resist this one. It now hangs in my workshop for inspiration. Both of Deb’s children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorders; her daughter Kathryn, 7, has Asperger’s (with ADHD) and her son Jackson, 5, has classical Autism. Deb participates in an Etsy street team called Etsy for Autism. 100% of this purchase went to the group Autism Speaks.

From her profile, “I live in a quaint, but crumbling, restored 1885 one-room schoolhouse called Mt. Joy School surrounded by picturesque Pennsylvania farmland, with my two tots and a lovable, geeky husband. I am a professional artist with a graduate degree. I am not self-taught, nor is art my hobby. Formerly employed as adjunct faculty in art at two local colleges, I stopped teaching after my second child, my son, was diagnosed with autism. Simply put, my presence was required at home to direct his therapy. I've never met an artistic media that I did not like.”

I was so happy with this piece when it arrived that I’m keeping my eye out for another! Check out Deb’s art here, and search for other artists donating some of their proceeds to autism research by entering “Etsy for Autism” in Etsy’s search bar on the top of the Etsy home page.

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Betty Refour said...

What a beautiful painting! Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause.