Friday, March 7, 2008

Bracing for Bartow....

I’m off to the Bartow Bloomin’ Arts Festival today with my friend Patty Bodney. Just thought I’d show you the weather map as of 7:45am this morning. Looks great, huh! Bartow is at the bottom of that red box in the middle of the state. is not my friend today. Forecast calls for 80% chance of rain and 15 mph winds overnight tonight. Tomorrow the rain chance drops to 30%, but that comes with 25 mph sustained winds. Oh joy. I faced winds like this at my very first outdoor juried arts festival, the Springtime Tallahassee Arts Jubilee in 2005. Here's the rather humorous report I wrote about it. Patty and I will have to decide if we are going to set up tonight and run the risk of getting waterlogged overnight, or wait and set up in the morning during that 30% chance of rain and high winds. At least we have each other to help keep the hatches battened down. Fortunately, the organizing committee granted our request to be next door neighbors.

Thankfully, if we make it through Saturday, Sunday’s forecast looks much better. Just 8-10 mph winds, sunny and high of 62. A little chilly for my Florida born and bred bones, but at least we won’t be battling rain and high winds. Poor Patty...I’m sure she’ll have nightmares tonight. She had to purchase a new tent in November because her tent literally blew away, and I mean blew away tumbling across a parking lot, during the Ponte Vedra show last fall. Keep us in your prayers!

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