Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wuvin' these Wee Woods....

Say this fast ten times…Wee Wood Whittles Works of Art, Wee Wood Whittle Works of Art, Wee Wood Whittle Works of Art…very cute name and very cute little wee woods. Isn't this little guy the cutest? The Wee Wood artists are also very good writers, so here’s what they had to say about themselves!

Argentinian Mauro Torriggiani and Alabamian Lisa Tune began making wee woods when a small, discarded triangle of wood (an end-cut from a 1x4) called out to be rescued from a kindling bin. They felt it paired beautifully with a scruffy little square of pine - and the first "wee wood house" was born. Some of their wee wood materials were unwanted scraps salvaged from construction sites and their neighbor's kindling bin. Others were abandoned in backyards and along roadsides...but the most precious pieces of all are cast-offs from century (plus) old barns and homes. Giving these little scraps a second life makes them very happy.

Mauro and Lisa have been making art together practically since the day they met. Their first official play date, on a wildly rainy winter weekend, turned into an all-day mini art marathon...

"it was raining cats and dogs
and we didn't know what to do
so we stayed inside the whole day
and we drew...and drew...and drew!"

They discovered they liked many things in common, like drawing, inclement weather, play dates, little wooden houses...and much, much, much, much more (Kelly suspects a romance here….. :-). Lisa and Mauro and the Wee Wood shop are in Pescadero, a tiny coastal town an hour south of San Francisco, California. Check out their Wee Woods here. They are happy to do custom orders as well!

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