Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Artistamp!

I have a long secret addiction that has resurfaced. Well, um…..I have jars of stamps all over my house. There! I said it! Nothing fancy, no big first issues, just fun little jars of stamps I’ve had for I can’t remember how long. Well, now I’ve discovered something new for me. Artistamps! These are also known as faux postage, or in the true collector’s world, Cinderella stamps. I started reading about artistamps and from what I’ve found, they are an underground movement that started in the ‘70s. Still not a whole lot of them out there. So I’ve created my own first stamp. Still trying to figure out how to get that whole “perforated edge” look to the border. The photo is of a very patient butterfly the girls and I found fluttering around our ligustrum hedges in the front yard. I thought he’d take off the moment he heard the first “click” of the camera, but apparently he was quite the ham. He proceeded to slowly open and close his wings, not minding a bit that I was getting closer and closer. My camera was only about eight inches from him when I snapped this shot. I need to practice more at these and start taking more pictures to use on them, but I’m working on a new jewelry line in which I hope to incorporate these and some really pretty “real” stamps. That’s all I’ll tell you for now. Stay tuned and tell me what you think of my first attempt. I’m open to constructive criticism so click on the comments link below and let 'em rip! If you have any other ideas for the “country”, let me know that, too. HappyVille was just the first thing that came to mind.

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1 comment:

Wyanne said...

How cool! I think it's fabulous! I wouldn't change a thing. I can't wait to see one with Happy Shack Designs on it and your logo. Had fun last Sunday. Thank you so much for everything. Love, Wyanne